DEBSOC, the literary and debating society of RVCE has 60 members, and takes part in tournaments across the world, with success at tournaments such as the All-Asians Intervarsity Tournament. Members of the club participated in the 13th All Asian Debate Championship in LangkawiMalaysia and won the “Best New Team Award” in the 12th All Asian Debate Championship.

DebSoc is one of the most prestigious clubs @ RVCE. DebSoc and RV Quiz Corp spearhead our brain assault on every college out there. Even NLSIU Bangalore, IIMs and other top institutes have been beaten by DebSoc at every conceivable level. The team takes immense pride in excelling in both individual and parliamentary debates. The team is very passionate about public speaking and can be seen holding meetings at around 7:30 in the morning. They also organize “The RV Debating Tournament” annually, an event recognized internationally.



An article came about DEBSOC in The Hindu Newspaper

Good show by RVCE team in debate contest

Staff Reporter

The college was represented by two teams

Bangalore: Students of R.V. College of Engineering participated in the 13th All Asian Debate Championship in Langkawi, Malaysia.

The college was represented by two teams — RVCE A consisting of Mrinal Manohar, Ankur Prasad and Suda Vijayendra and RVCE B consisting of Abhas Sinha, Rochelle D’Souza and Rohit Kamra.

After eight rounds of parliamentary debates, both teams qualified for the knockout stage, the round of 16.

“Until the 12th All Asian Debate Championship, no engineering college from the Indian subcontinent had entered the knockout stage. RVCE A is the pioneer and it also won the `Best New Team Award’ last year,” Mr. Sinha told The Hindu.

He said RVCE A beat the rank one teams from South Korea, Malaysia and Japan, respectively to reach the knockout stage. “It is the first team from South Asia to reach the finals. It lost to Multi-Media University (MMU), Kuala Lumpur. Five judges in the panel of nine voted in favour of MMU, while RVCE A got four votes,” he said.