Mission Statement

The main aim of Frequency club is to bring together technology enthusiasts and encourage technical creativity in students.This club aims to pursue technical activities which are beneficial to engineering students.

About the club

  • Membership is free
  • All RVCE students are welcome
  • All sessions will be conducted by students for the students
  • Most sessions will be less than 1 hour
  • All sessions will be conducted within college campus
  • Intention is to encourage Technical Creativity
  • Aim is to create awareness about useful Technology
  • Goal is to enjoy using beneficial technology


To promote and pursue technical hobbies amongst fellow students and inculcate a technical temperament in them which is used in every possible way for the benefit of mankind; and to encourage such students who need help in pursuing such technical activities within or outside our spectrum of work keeping in mind our vision and not letting down our quality of work at any outlay.

To contact:

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