Don't let exams bog you down. There's plenty to life than just them.

Don’t let exams bog you down. There’s plenty to life than just them.


The Holistic Approach
Today, all spheres of industry are on the lookout for an all-round individual who not only excels at technical know-how but is comfortable with inter-personal interactions. Any extra-curricular skills are definitely regarded a plus point and only add to your personality. Essentially, the era of the stereotypical nerd is now over.
More importance is now given to your hobbies/ interests ( not the same as activities to kill time like “Facebooking”) and the same are kept in mind for when the need arises. What we are seeing today @ RVCE is a welcome shift to a more holistic approach to education, which should not only be free, but flexible as well.
Students are encouraged to take part in activities which are of their interests and the college takes great pleasure to support teams / individuals unconditionally who have the capacity to excel  in their passions.
To make sure that each student realizes the importance of a holistic education for life, a subject called Human Social Skills (HSS) is ¬†evaluated based on the student’s performance, be it sports, inter-college competitions, national/ international competitions in academics/ sports/ debating/quizzing and a lot more. It even covers students who have actively participated and have been lauded for their inspiring efforts in the field of social service. Actually, the possibilities are endless, depending on your interests.

Students from various branches have founded teams and clubs, which promote personality development and enhance project management skills.