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RVCE Updates

Baaki Sab Bekaar Hai !


August 10, 2014



Whether it is the first week or a fortnight before the first internals, depending on how studious you are, the last minute scramble for the text books is inevitable.  The distance you travel is directly proportional to the number of days left for the examinations.

Many of us end up paying heavily for the text books at the nearest book store, which we would have got at a fair price only if we had spared some time and had bought it from the right store earlier.

The agony doesn’t end here. Not all books that we buy are needed for the upcoming semesters .So most of us get rid of those old books. Some of us resell it to the bookstores. We are bound to lose 40 to 60% of the cost of the book. And some let a stack to build in their bookshelves.

Now what if I tell you that there is a one stop solution to all these problems?

How will you find the books that your department recommends? How nice it would have been if you could have found only those books which your seniors have used? How do you find those needy people around you to get rid of your books?

What is bookyway?


Bookyway is an online portal which helps to connect people within the campus with other members who are already a part of bookyway.

Each user here is able to upload their individual books to seek attention of the buyers by posting Ads or to request the books they need.

So now it just got convenient to buy and sell old books at your own college campus instead of searching high and low for a buyer.

What should I pay?


Bookyway DOESN’T CHARGE ANYTHING for its service. You need only to pay the seller.


Why should I use bookyway?


  • Easy to find- Once you know the book that you need, finding that book is just a couple of clicks away with the easy to use FIND BOX.
  • Easy posting- Posting Ads for your books is just a matter of following a few easy steps.
  • Time Saving-Now you needn’t run all the way to the book stores to get your text books. All you need is an internet access.
  • Affordable-Get books from your campus mates in affordable and reasonable price.
  • No hassles of online transaction – Just meet the buyer or seller in person and fix the deal.
  • A user friendly interface makes sure you don’t spend lots of time finding your requirements.
  • Quick response- Get quick responses to your advertisements on bookyway .You get a response mail as soon as there is a reply to your Ad on your registered Email id.


So register with a simple signup and get started..!


Wish you all a very happy sharing..!!


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Deepak Bhat
Evolving into an engineer ( Hopefully!!).


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