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August 9, 2014

RAAG’s looking for budding editors and designers !


RAAG, the youth club of RVCE has been instrumental in organising many successful events for hostel-elites and society, such as the blood donation camp which was the largest of its kind in Asia.

Their achievements and students’ contributions are beautifully compiled every year in an annual magazine called “Wassup”.

As an editor / chief editor / designer, you will decide on -

1. The theme for the magazine
2. Content in the magazine
3. Promotion and sponsorship
4. Designing the magazine
5. Editing content submited by students ( a call for articles is broadcast 2 months before the magazine’s release )
4. Student relations of RAAG

Students in the 5th semester across branches are encouraged to apply for the post of the Chief Editor who will be handling sponsorship / company interaction.

Students in the 3rd or 1st semester are encouraged to apply for the posts of editor / graphic / layout design.
Interested students can register here – http://goo.gl/0Jo1UQ

For anymore details, kindly contact Mr. Sandeep Pande at 919008672661 or Mr.Anant Kumar Singh at 919632747281.



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