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Baaki Sab Bekaar Hai !


July 13, 2014


Mikko Hypponen, CRO, F-Secure

Hope you all are having a good time during vacations ! Since we hardly have a fortnight before college commences, we have decided to add new columns to our site as part of our revamp.  We introduce to you 3 QUESTIONS, a column where we ask 3 questions to the famous people we can possibly contact.

We start this feature with anti-virus and anti-NSA czar, the brilliant Finn Mikko Hypponen, the Chief Research Officer at F-Secure. He also is an outspoken columnist and TED speaker. He was in a hurry and we don’t blame him for he has over 66,000 new virus samples to analyse and report everyday, not to mention the tight-knit collaboration across companies for mitigating threats.  After Richard Stallman’s visit to RVCE, interviewing Mikko was closest to meeting a hacker-cracker.

Mikko Hypponen, CRO, F-Secure

Mikko Hypponen, CRO, F-Secure


QUESTION : What do you advise students should do at such a critical time, when cyberspace and international relations are so heavily co-related ?

Think very carefully about the future of your data. Where do you want to start storing your files, images – your life. These are decisions you can’t easily change in the future.

QUESTION : Do you think an Orwellian state is not so far away ? If so, how many years ?

In many ways, we’ve reached it already. However, the powers-that-be that could see everything we do and think already are not as malevolent as in ’1984′. We have to remember that Orwell’s book was describing war-time.

QUESTION : Your one true inspiration for hacking ( not cracking )

The programmers of the Apollo missions. Best hackers there ever were.







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