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RVCE Updates

Baaki Sab Bekaar Hai !


June 23, 2014




I came in thinking that engineering would suck the life out of me. I was right. But my journey through my first year at RVCE has been equally enriching and fulfilling. I learnt a lot year from my first year at RVCE. Unfortunately, a major chunk of it has nothing to do with my academics or my extra curricular activities. It would be a blatant understatement to say that I had an amazing experience. So, I took out some time to compile my batch mates’ musings. The points are in no particular order.

If you are a professor, read at your own risk. Neither I, nor any of my batch mates are responsible for your frustration or wrath, if any. Please take it in the good humour it is meant in.

1. The food in the mini canteen is overpriced and calling it edible would be an exaggeration. But the entire campus will always flock there. *Wink Wink* (PS. Cheese Maggi is B-E-A-utiful though)

2. There is literally no limit to how many cheese slices you can request for your ‘spicy’ Maggi. The same does not apply to your heart’s acceptance limit. (Highest I have seen being ordered – 5 cheese slices)

3. Ice tea is Christmas in a bottle.

4. The new servers of the Main canteen have managed to create a new game. They throw chutney at you and you manoeuvre your plate in an attempt to catch it.

5. Purposeful dirty misinterpretations are the best icebreakers.

6. The people in the ‘Xerox’ centre know the portions better than the teachers. Just don’t be scared by the speed that they move. And if you call her ‘Aunty’ even by mistake, ABORT MISSION.

7. Do not be surprised by your classmates’ indifference to the classes. Most of them are just there for the attendance.

8. Heraclitus (Not making the name up) said, “Change is the only constant.” LOL. NO. Question about dog legged stairs in civil exams.

9. Those who think that the Roadies “interview” looks cruel have obviously never had Babu sir take their viva.

10. Lab attendants are THE people you need to befriend.

11. Don’t hesitate to use Kannada with teachers and Lab Attendants. It can prove to be a major weapon in your arsenal.

12. Watch your step in the Telecommunications department. Its paradoxical architecture inspired Inception can very well disorient you.

13. DO NOT lose your ID card. That piece of plastic is expensive to get again and will put you through a plethora of inconvenience.

14. If you are from some awesome school, get ready for absolutely no individual attention. Gone are those days. You do not matter.

15. Roto-scales, Rs.30. An easy S in CAED, priceless.

16. A lot of the clubs are one man shows.

17. Schrödinger should have actually designed his experiment based on the clubs’ promise of attendance certificates.

18. Prioritizing is important. If you are in more than one club especially.

19. On a difficulty scale: Paying a bill in RVCE > Beating Chuck Norris.

20. Clichéd but true. Self study seminars = Cut, copy and Paste.

21. ‘Senior’ and ‘Junior’ are just words. RV forges friendships beyond year, branch, religion, colour and creed.

22. The amazing people in RVCE make up for its inferior infrastructure and it’s antique equipment.

23. The college’s official website is carcinogenic. Its loud colours and animation might leave your retina damaged.

24. Self study Marking = 60% default marks + 20% Content in presentation + 20% Oration + 0% Self study Report.

25. You may ace the internals but unless you can speak like a boss, that kid who can will beat you in the final CIE marks.

26. It starts off as “Let’s play Holi.” And ends as “This is Sparta!”

27. Don’t break anything in any of the labs. You will have to pay for it by getting challans.

28. A lot of things in the universe follow the Golden ratio. EC follows 1:1 ratio. Pass: fail.

29. Time may heal all wounds. But Prasanna’s fresh limes and Oreos heal them faster.

30. You know how if you stick electrodes in a potato, it can power a clock. That is basically the set up of our college server.

31. Your professor may not remember your name but the elderly gentleman at Ruchi’s will.

32. When Obama ran his campaign, no body understood that the change he was talking about was from the parking guy. (He will be missed.)

33. You can choose who you want to be here and what you want to do. Be it your social status or your academics or other activities.

The opportunities are endless and so is the work. Choose carefully what you want to be and make the best of each moment.


(This article was compiled based on points given by many batch mates. A big thanks to all of them. )

About the Author

Bhargav D Sanketi
Bhargav is a biotechnology student keen on research. He has an interest in photography, acting, music,etc. An agnostic transtheist by heart, he can be either really mature or in the face annoying.

One Comment

  1. to add a few,
    * Even the worlds best search engines can’t search your counselor when you need their signature.
    *The CHEF at the mini canteen can place anything and everything in between a bun. Don’t faint if you see bun masaldosa on the list .
    * The Wi-fi in the campus is password protected. Nothing special about it? Well, there is.The guest account also has a password.
    * [Manglorean facts] Are you a Manglorean? There are a few tips for you. Speak to the owner of the mini canteen in Tulu. You MIGHT get some discount at times. Wait! that’s not it. You get assigned the IEM dept. lab for BME labs and you will find this foreman who does all the work for you just because you are a MANGLOREAN. Just make sure he gets to know that you are a Manglorean.
    *If you think that you can know everything about the college just by reading the notice boards , you are completely wrong my boy because the number of notice boards in RVCE is damn too high! Moral of the story: Keep visiting RVCE updates .

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