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September 14, 2013

1st Internals Calendar for 1st Year Students


Fellow 1st years, here is the calendar for your 1st internals. The best to you all.

About the Author

Bhargav D Sanketi
Bhargav is a biotechnology student keen on research. He has an interest in photography, acting, music,etc. An agnostic transtheist by heart, he can be either really mature or in the face annoying.


  1. Chinmaya

    Hi Bhargav…. I read that you are interested in photography….. is there any club for that?
    If yes how do i contact them? I saw this poster about the fb page of that club…. but the page is non-existent…..

  2. wolfmother

    Hello friends, my usn number is not workng on to get my results? Can somone pls tell me the exact format?

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