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RVCE Updates

Baaki Sab Bekaar Hai !


August 4, 2013


time saver

Dear freshmen, we are indeed glad to have you in college as our ever impressive juniors.
Although we shall be coming to college (with heavy hearts,just like you are today) soon, we are
looking forward to sharing good and bad times with you.

By that, it goes without saying that I don’t mean good times “at your expense”. Being the batch that
enters the portals of this institution in its Golden Jubilee, you are, in some ways, the batch of
re-invigoration. We are hopeful that you will find your years worthwhile here.

What if I told you RVCE Updates has First year Engg notes ? Read on....

As seniors, helping you out is one of our goals, and I hope that at least I don’t disappoint.
I would be delighted if you downloaded the following material, designed and packaged for convenience :

Download notes for the first year of engineering


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  1. Ashwin.k.p

    U guys just gave us another reason to bunk XD.. thanks (Y)

  2. Chinmaya

    Hey.. thanks for the notes :D …. but what is this about the incredibly light weight app? how do i use it? or is it just for mobile phones?

  3. atnav

    App works swiftly… Nice work with json and js. Flexible to most of the screens.

    BTW, it’d be nice to have a responsive grid for the site. Just for mobile first guys :)

  4. Karthik

    Guys some problem with the download. It says File not Found 404 error. Tried both in Mobile and PC. PC Browser- Google Chrome. Mobile Browser- UC Browser, Inbuilt browser. Same error in all the browsers. Please update the download link :)

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